Create New Sequence Basics

This month we want to start out with a video which walks you though the creation of a new sequence. We understand that many of you may already know some of this, and the information may not be “new-to-you”. That’s… Read More

Pixel Spinner How-to

This is what I used to make my pixel spinners for my 2013 display. Still some assembly work to do after the video was shot. Items used Pixel strip (in silicon sleeve) with 30 RGB’s per meter, 5 meter roll… Read More

Twig Tree How-To Build 2013

In 2013 I added 7 twig trees to the Leechburg Lights display. The trees came from Home Depot and were around $15 each on clearance. I ordered dumb RGB nodes with white wire to install on the tree. I removed… Read More