Timing DClick Mode and Sequence Setup

This video walks through a simple setup for sequencing I use. Typically I try to break down the song when I start via the chorus, verses, and musical interludes. This helps me concentrate on specific areas when sequencing. It is… Read More

Exploding Stars on Pixel Poles

TAKE YOUR EFFECTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL A detailed answer to some questions asked… The explosion effect basically goes up the tree and then makes the Stars or goes up the trunk there and makes the star explode. In this… Read More

Spirograph, Fill, and Curtain Effects

New Webinar videos have been uploaded from March’s meeting.  Have a look!  There are 3 sections that are available.  We reviewed Spirograph, Fill, and the Curtain effects.  Follow along with the video by downloading the sequence I’m using using the… Read More

Color Curve Basics

Color Curve Basics You should take moment to follow along with the this week’s Standard Member weekly Tips and Tricks video.   Because this months topic for the Matrix Member Seminar is on basic sequencing, you’ll really want to learn  the… Read More